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Out of the Blue (Lagoon) - Monty Williams & Hannah McLoughlin

In response to Frances Scott & Chu-Li Shewring

Published onJun 10, 2023
Out of the Blue (Lagoon) - Monty Williams & Hannah McLoughlin

Out of the Blue (Lagoon)

Monty Williams, Goldsmiths University

Hannah McLoughlin, Goldsmiths University

The creation of this music video began as a live duet between myself and Hannah, experimenting with video feedback being processed through my VJ software. Initially the iPhone’s video function was used as it was all I had access to, however we quickly became interested in exposing its familiar interface as part of the performance.

Documenting our live process became excitingly threefold, incorporating footage from the room, the footage which the iPhone captured and finally the processed footage within my VJ software. Similarly, we became interested in the three live spaces our performance occupied: within the room itself, the projected image in the room and finally music video’s virtual space. The music video also plays with two temporal spaces, that of the iPhone interface and that of the music video itself.

What became so fascinating as our duet developed were the layers upon layers which had emerged through this collaboration, with video feedback at its core. This video moves from our live documentation into a third virtual space, somewhere between real and mythical.

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