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Detachment - Leeya Mor

In response to Lauren Cramer

Published onJul 18, 2022
Detachment - Leeya Mor


Leeya Mor, Bar-Ilan University

Music on social media platforms, enabled by video pairings created by prosumers, can part from its original meaning and become an empty mold, outside of the control and intent of the sound maker.

New meaning is created and communities of sense formed, but only at the price of detachment of music from its maker, an absent father. Communication is coded through internal audiovisual languages, all operating in connection to the now hollow, amputated musical piece.

The video segments above are deconstructions of internet phenomena, from a patriotic march to a beauty vlog. Music from the videos and from additional external sources has been distorted, separating it both from the video and from its original substance and giving transient interpretation to deconstructed images.

Lauren Cramer:

Leeya, I have so many questions about this piece!! Thank you! I wrote my “call” with precisely this interest in sound-image coupling as a familial relations and this response develops the gender question in a fascinating way by beginning with a drag performance, showing beauty rituals, and ending with scenes of war. How should we feel about the relationship between a sound and its “absent father?” What new kinship is formed in this process?