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Adam's Creation - Adam Szklenar

In Response to Henry Jenkins

Published onOct 06, 2020
Adam's Creation - Adam Szklenar

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Adam’s Creation

Adam Szklenar, Goldsmiths, University of London

This work is the first of a series where I experiment with merging classical artworks and digital technology. I'm using fragments of artworks and apply different effects to transform them beyond recognition. The movements, lights and distortions are synced to the music in a way that soundwaves trigger certain visual actions. I'm using 1:1, an aspect ratio that is popular in digital technology, but almost unknown to classical art. The music comes from a digital synthesizer, which is able to transform pictures to waveforms, so there is a multi-level connection between sound and image: the sound is rooted in the image, and the image is manipulated by the sound. The tessitura is deliberately low, not much of the music is coming through laptop or phone speakers. It requires the listener to use headphones and fully immerse in the composition for one minute – an extremely long time in a saturated, noisy and loud multimedia environment. 

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