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Hugo Craft-Stanley - Beyond the Blue Horizon

In Response to Julian Henriques

Published onFeb 15, 2021
Hugo Craft-Stanley - Beyond the Blue Horizon

Beyond the Blue Horizon

Hugo Craft-Stanley, Goldsmiths, University of London

Beyond The Blue Horizon is a montage of found audiovisual materials structured into three sound-images.

These found materials include looped VHS playback glitches, sounds gleaned from an old Christmas mixtape found in my garage, an iPhone video of me playing the piano in 2018, sections of an unknown film (appropriated from a VHS tape chosen at random in the university library) and fragments of schmaltzy tunes from a tape of love songs.

Stuttering and looped, these grains of the past add up to a montaged journey through three audiovisual environments which might be described as something like:

00:00 - 00:34: the hazed landscape

… a hazed landscape stuck on pause - shapes looming out of the foggy distance, as voices break through the wind, as …

00:35 - 01:36 - the pianist in the mirror

… as, behind the veil, the pianist in the mirror plays through and around time, a transmission - conjuring …

01:37 - 02:14 - the clock at the end of time

… conjuring the clock at the end of time, where we wait, and wait, by the racetrack.

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