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Xeno - Enrico Dorigatti

In response to Frances Scott & Chu-Li Shewring

Published onJun 11, 2023
Xeno - Enrico Dorigatti


Enrico Dorigatti, University of Portsmouth

Xeno is a short fixed multimedia artwork realised to investigate novel forms of relationship between sound and image. We live in a world where the former is always the audible consequence of an action or happening (in this artwork, embodied by the latter), a product of something else which never lives on its own. By subverting this physical rule by playing on the tight intertwining between the two media, Xeno proposes a different reality in which the border between what is action (cause) and reaction (consequence) blurs, making it unclear whether the sound is still a product, becomes the reason, or coexists as an entirely autonomous and separated entity.

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