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Jilliene Sellner - Unfathomable unspectacular

In response to Lauren Cramer

Published onJul 18, 2022
Jilliene Sellner - Unfathomable unspectacular

Unfathomable unspectacular

Jilliene Sellner, Goldsmiths, University of London

A fleeting bee zooming across our visual framing, noted but transient compared to its buzzing wings, sound and image sliced and trimmed into merged art[i]facts of multiple summer excursions lazing in grassy fields or walking wooded paths; the slothful glide of shadows passing silently as we orbit the sun, without spectacle, compressed, yet almost unfathomable, until an accompanying sound anchors some small sample more tightly in our mind’s ear.

Pushing away from, dipping under, leaping over and pulling towards each other, the hallucinatory scrubbing, disconnecting and coupling of audio and visual in video, seductive like a deep limerence of a lover that never existed, mirrors, reinforces, even (d)evolves, contemporary imagination’s layered raucousness; the dithering of memory’s grip on real time life.


Debord, Guy. Society of the Spectacle. Rev. ed. Detroit: Black & Red, 1983.

Lauren Cramer:

Thank you, Jilliene! A “call” about audiovisuality implies layering, but this “response” really exceeds that prompt by offering viewers two-minutes to consider the *texture* of that sound-image exchange. It is tremendously helpful in focusing the discussion of memory reoccurring through this call-and-response.