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1953 – Through the Dust - Matheos Zaharopoulos & Georgios Varoutsos

In response to Frances Scott & Chu-Li Shewring

Published onJun 10, 2023
1953 – Through the Dust - Matheos Zaharopoulos & Georgios Varoutsos

1953 – Through the Dust

Matheos Zaharopoulos, Concordia University

Georgios Varoutsos, Queen's University Belfast

1953 – Through the Dust by Matheos & Georgios is an audiovisual participatory documentary dedicated to preserving the stories and memories of the 1953 Great Kefalonian Earthquake. This seismic event, with a magnitude of 7.2, significantly impacted the charming island of Kefalonia (Cephalonia) in Greece's West mainland, altering the lives of its residents and leaving a lasting imprint on their economy, society, and culture.

In a world full of numerous unique stories, the question arises: how can these stories live and persist if there is no one to share and discuss them? "1953 - Through the Dust" takes on this challenge by combining sound, film, and archive material in a new way. It serves as a vessel for the oral histories of individuals who experienced the earthquake in various parts of the island, becoming a means of preserving and immortalising their accounts.

Through its innovative approach, this audiovisual project weaves together fragments of history, evoking contemplation, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the human experience. It bears witness to the community’s resilience, hardships, and transformation in the aftermath of the calamity, bringing their stories to the present day.

Click here to watch the full version of 1953 - Through the Dust.

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