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Assiolo - Luca Gambirasio

In response to Frances Scott & Chu-Li Shewring

Published onJun 11, 2023
Assiolo - Luca Gambirasio


Luca Gambirasio, University College Cork

This work is part of a 14 tracks album inspired by the work of David Rothenberg, and it is the studio version of a live improvisation with local birds in some birds conservation areas in Tuscany, during a few events co-organized with LIPU, the Italian bird's conservation no-profit organization. These events were organized as part of my dissertation fieldwork, to observe how music and sound could develop an ecopoetic sense of place in the local communities. Sound, across all the species is a form of communication. Birds use sound to call each other, signal danger, and for mating rituals. According to an anthropocentric view of life on Earth, only human animals make sound embedded with artistry and aesthetic purposes. This music is the representation of a human-bird duet, an interspecies improvisation that aims to listen more to how our relationship with the rest of the world is mediated.

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